Some Photos of the Clubs Scenery Changes

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Gluing down the new track
Adding Floors in the hotel

 Adding tables and chairs on dining floor before walls

Gluing the track down
THE BOSS placing wire lath for supporting the new scenery Removing old scenery to make for new scenes.
THE BOSS  Placing wire lath in for support of scenery material Tearing out the old
Soldering track feeds
Soldering feed wires Some of our signals Some of our signals
The start of today's work, 6-25-2018 Tape on track removed Starting to place soil
Soil and rock fall Soil and rock fall Just needs ballasting and brush
Ballast in place  Ballast in place  Our new ballast dispenser 
Making improvements for the new church  Test fitting the new church  New church in place 
New church in place  Added new bucket elevator  New bucket elevator 
Getting ready for new hillside scenery  Using a new process with  Bragdon Geodesic Foam Placing the sub-structure in place