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To advance the hobby of model railroading and the history of railroading.

We want to help in the preservation and education of historical railroad artifacts, books, videos, memorabilia and landmarks.

To promote general knowledge of railroads and railroading. We work to provide an environment in which model train enthusiasts and the public can enjoy the hobby.

Our members share knowledge, skills, abilities and ideas to the public through open houses and clinics. We also share these attributes to new members through weekly meetings.

Our goal is educate visitors and allow them to enjoy the wonderful world of model railroading.


We meet on most Wednesday afternoons from 3 up to 7 if we have members and most Saturdays from 10 up to 2 if we have members.
We hold two Open Houses each year, one on the second Saturday of March and again on the second Saturday of November.
We are in our summer rebuilding and adding new features to our layout,
Your still welcome to visit us, but you need to call us or Email us to be sure we will be at the club.

Located on the Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival Fairgrounds since 1990, Indio, California

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